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Want to give your team the perfect preparation for the new season and ensure you hit the ground running? Fury coaches will work closely with your team’s coaches to ensure that the camp is designed around the needs of the team.

Team Camps provide the perfect pre-season training environment. The increasing level of play today demands an intense, targeted pre-season program. The aim of this camp is to provide both an individually demanding camp and a structured team environment. The camp format has been designed by our directors with the player and their team in mind, however, the club coach may tailor the format and content of the sessions to suit their needs, should he/she desire. We are confident the quality of this camp will meet and exceed players and coaches expectations.

Your daily training sessions will include some of the following areas:

•  Developing a system of play
•  Playing from the back through the midfield
•  Counter attacking play through quick transition
•  Twin striker movement
•  Personal and team possession
•  Creating movement to create space
•  Set plays from defending to attacking
•  Defending in blocks
•  Pressing and how to play against a pressing team
•  Phase play in all areas of the field
• Attacking in the final third of the field
• Finishing
•  The role of the goalkeeper in defending and attacking

Before every training session we will provide you with a Pro Coaches demonstration and clinic. These demos, which are under match conditions, will give you great insight on how you will be trained to improve your soccer game, technically, and tactically. An important part of the player’s education will be the introduction to our Dynamic Stretching and Strength Training Program. This, if done on a regular basis, and will reduce the player’s risk of injury.

Sample Day Program:

•  9:00am – 9:30am – Xcelerate Speed and Agility
•  9:30am – 10:15am – Technical Theme
•  10:15am – 11:00am – Technical / Tactical Theme
•  11:15am – 12:00pm – Game / Phase of Play

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